10 Day Challenge: Organize my home from corner to corner, Day 1

In this amazing book by Tsh Oxenreider there is a 10 day plan to organize each room of your house to create a simplier, clutter-free home. My mission? To follow the plan. My goal: to have my home reflect the qoute Tsh highlights in the book, “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” -William Morris.

During this whole cleaning process, Im suppose to visualize the overall purpose and mission of our home. Ill be planning easy meals this week….really easy. OH Gosh, let the battle begin. If you want to join me in this battle, here’s the plan:

Day 1:

Step 1: gather your supplies…

  • 3 large boxes labeled “give and “sell,” and one box labelled “maybe” (mine were 55 L and too small, think BIG).
  • A garbage bag
  • Masking tape, and a marker for the yard sale you’ll have in two months
  • A ruthless spirit (love!)

Step 2: Swiftly move from corner to corner attacking the visible items first- now isn’t the time to organize the junk drawer, your closet, and other contained spaces.  Start with the obvious, garbage (broken dog toys, old reciepts, expired coupons, broken crayon bits…), and then move to old newspapers, and magazines sitting on end tables and such. Tsh even recommended tossing a newspaper older than one day (into the recyling of course!).

Step 3: Move from corner to corner and take a few moments with each item in your house asking the questions:is this useful or beautiful to me?

If I anwered no to either on these questions I tossed it into the give box or sell box. I tried to remember to keep some masking tape and permanent marker with me so I could price items as I went along.

As it turns out, I have a lot of useful items, but not a lot of my stuff seems beautiful to me. Its not that they seem ugly either, but kind of in between. Anyways, I wasn’t suppose to spend too much time on each item so I tried not to think too hard.

Step 3: Set your garage sale date 2 months from now (I’ll need to double check mines on a saturday).

Alas, it won’t be perfect, nor will the circumstances surrounding it, but I’m starting anyway. I’m excited to see some changes in our living space. Less stress, more beauty? Yeah, I’m on board!

Happy organizing!


Day 2&3 (the living room), Day 4&5 (the kitchen) , Day 6 & 7 (the bathrooms), Day 8-10 (wrap up)

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  1. Love the idea of a simplified life! Thanks for sharing!
    Neaten Your Nest

    • Thanks Erin! I would really recommend that book, “Organized SImplicity.” Its soooo good!

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