Day 24: 4 things for fall

I like to be somewhat analytical towards purchasing new items for my wardrobe. I find it saves time, and money in the long term. Both important elements in life. I tried to think of just four items I’d like to add to my wardrobe for this fall, and these are the four I came up with:

4 things for fall
Less is always more. Mid-weight jackets are still useful in late fall, and start going on sale right about now. Ankle books are comfortable and more sophisticated than flats. Of course you can never go wrong with replenishing the long sleeve shirt staple, and of course who doesn’t love the boot socks for your riding boots?
I like the idea of limiting you items to a few key pieces, and planning them out before you head out the door and go shopping (or click the mouse online, whichever you prefer). This easy planning ahead method isn’t foolproof, but is definitely more thoughtful and has always made the most of my money and wardrobe.
So here’s to day 24 of no more procrastinating the important (non-urgent things in life): your wardrobe. Click HERE for the beginning, just in case it’s your first day stopping in.
What four items would you come up with if limited to only four items?


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