Rest: Taking A Break

For the next 3 weeks I plan on taking a break from blogging. Between adjusting to my husbands return, and blogging for 31 days, I think I really need it!

I’ve been thinking a lot about rest, and breaks. I know in life, there are different seasons. In the natural world there are seasons: fall, winter, spring and summer. The natural seasons seem a lot more quantifiable, but even then, they often don’t fit into neat little dates. But how can you really measure the seasons of life? That’s where I listen to my body, and I could feel the season of rest coming up…

It’s so easy to resist the season of rest. A season of productivity? No problem. But a season of rest is something I always resist and fight, but I feel is so necessary for productivity over the long haul. I mean, I could keep on going, and trucking, but my quality of output won’t be great, and it will be like running uphill instead of on an even plane.

The fact that our culture isn’t all about breaks, and rests, makes it a much more difficult season to accept. The peer pressure is a go-go mentality, but I for one think it’s overrated. Productivity and industry are awesome, and I’m all about it, but I’m even more into going through different seasons of life, and being okay with the quieter “less productive” ones.

What’s your view on rest?


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  1. Leslie said:

    Rest? I don’t get it…. haha. No really. What does that word mean? I’m definitely a go go go’er and I get totally excited when I’m going. I ted to put my breaks and rests in between all of my going instead of one long one. Just take pictures of some of your resting so you can blog about ti when you’re done. Miss ya!

    • Hey, I definately think it’s important to take regular breaks as a habit, but that being said a season of rest is still important. Where ppl get confused is when they think that means inaction or sitting around…it doesn’t. It might mean different things for different people but to me it means slowing down, enjoying some negative space…and really my best ideas come when I can just dream. Production is good, and our society prides itself on being ‘busy’ but ppl are missing out when they never have a season of rest.

      > Date: Mon, 12 Nov 2012 11:12:22 +0000 > To: >

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