Day 4: Frugal Decorating, Wall Art

Welcome to another day of my experiment in frugal lving! If this series if this is your first day, you can click HERE for the beginning. I’ll also be linking up with Betsy, at Romance on a Dime for take it on tuesday.

These are some of my inspirational goals for our home this year:

  • Contentment with what I have.
  • Not complaining about what I have, or don’t have.
  • Open to taking risks in decorating (not afraid to put holes in our walls, to use sheets for curtains, and try something new and crazy).
  • Loving my home, and making it beautiful.
  • If something bugs me, do something about it.

I totallly think these goals go hand and hand with frugal decorating. Being content with what I have, using the resources on hand, and making our home beautiful despite the obstacles of frugal living.

I spend a lot of time in Asher’s (our son’s) play room. It just happens that way, and I’ve been thinking if I have to spend a lot of time in there I might as well find it beautiful. The truth is, while I love the space, there are some things I can’t stand. For example, the lack of curtains, and somewhat broken blinds thanks to our dog. The bare walls is another one. I started with one of the walls today by changing this view:

artwall 002 To something more like this:

artwall 004 artwall 003

I think I’d still like to add more, but for now, I’m happy about the change. I moved the two large prints I made away from their isolated walls where they hung by grouping the one seen above with the others above the couch. I took the other one to our bedroom where it seemed to “work” better.

artwall 005 artwall 006

You may remember the large photo print from this post. I really couldn’t stand how the one shown wasn’t framed, but I still really loved the photo, so I made it prettier by using the leftover chalkboard paint I have and painted a frame on it. I love it a lot more now.

I created the deer print today. So easy. I printed this stencil off from my computer, cut it out, and used a spray adhesion to adhere it to an old somerset print. I could have used glue, or something less-intense, but it was easy and on hand. The frame is from a regular picture frame but without the glass. I broke the glass by accident and thought the frame would never be used until I thought of adhereing it together with some 3m adhesive spray! Yay, it worked!

I’m excited to change what I don’t like about our home bit by bit. No more complaining, just action, because I know I can.



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  1. studiojru said:

    OH I love this! The wall looks fantastic! And I love your ‘just action’ attitude. So inspiring! :)

    • Thanks girl! Glad I could inspire :). I’m having so much fun!

  2. studiojru said:

    Forgot to say… thanks for stopping by my blog and your sweet comment. Nice to ‘meet’ you!!

    • Hey Lauren, thanks so much! I’d love to link up! Thanks for the invite, and nice comment.

  3. Wow – love what you added!! Especially the chevron. :) It’s a great idea to change the area you spend so much time in and make it prettier. Thanks for linking up at Romance on a dime.

  4. pmoppins said:

    Your goals for the year are very good. We should probably all take them on board in regards to being content and pro-active. Found you through Bloggy Moms.

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