Joy in the everyday: play outside.


Over my little week break from blogging, a little thing called joy perked it’s a little head up inside of me again. Don’t get me wrong, I wasn’t walking around for days in a horrible depression or anything serious, but I did feel like I was in a funk. Maybe you could call it a mom funk?

My baby’s nap time seemed to be the thing I looked forward to most. I feel bad admitting that, and I feel like an awful mother for saying that, but I’m being honest. I was thinking this whole attitude of liking “my time” more than my full job as mom is a little backwards.

There’s nothing wrong with enjoying it, and cutting it out completely is no good either (in fact, it would make me a worse mom)…BUT, if I’m truly going to enjoy this mommyhood, why not find real joy and adventure in it?

Why not?

Anyways, I feel like a learned a lot in the 7 days of refocusing on my family. I still made time for myself, because to be honest, part of my whole lack of joy came from neglecting myself a little bit. Ack, it all comes back to the mom funk. Balancing everything can be so tough that it’s really easy for me forget to invest in myself.

As a Christian, I know my joy really comes from Jesus…and it’s in His joy where my strength lies. It’s such a rich blessing that I believe every Christian should be able to experience  everyday, not because they have to but because of the wonderful blessing and gift it is.

No, I don’t think I figured it all out in just 7 days…but I’d like to dive deeper into this, so over the next 40 days I’d like to blog about finding my joy in the everyday. I choose 40 days because it seems to be a really important number in the bible…it’s when God did a lot of transforming in the lives of individuals. The Israelites spent 40 years in the desert (Deut. 8:2), and Jesus spent for 40 days and nights in the desert. (Mt 4:2) This will be an adventure in being transformed over the next 40 days and I’d like to share it with you.

So my first lesson in finding joy in the everyday?

Play Outside. A lot.

We live in North Carolina, and only 15 minutes by car from the Atlantic Ocean.

beach 095

I absolutely thrive on being outside, and I think my son does too. It inspires me as an artist, and as a Christian. Sure we normally went outside, but more so around the neighborhood. There’s something different about going on an adventure, breaking from the routine, and trying new sights.

beach 091

Seeing my son play in the sand with so much wonder and happiness fills me with joy.

beach 089

Taking in the sights and sounds fills me with joy. How could I not feel God when I look around me?

beach 070

It feels me with joy. A lot of joy. Seeing His glory in the water, and in the sky is like a warm hug to my soul, a kiss to my cheek…

The sun brings light to my future and dreams.

We only spent about an hour out of the house that day, but it was joyful and wonderful.

So I plan to play outside, a lot! Especially on the nice days.



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  1. Love this post Amanda! I have been going through a mom funk too, and with the lovely weather we’ve been having playing outside is an awesome way to shake it off. :)

    • Amanda said:

      Thanks Larissa! Yeah, I’ve really been enjoying this weather :). I’m really looking forward to spring weather that’s so, so, so close! p.s. glad I’m not the only one that’s been going through the “mom funk.”

  2. Natalia said:

    Oh I love this! I totally understand! Just know you’re not alone. And thank you for the reminder that our joy is in Jesus, not figuring it all out, or finding the perfect balance of self & mommyhood. I love your 40 days idea too! I can’t wait to see what you’re up to!

    • Amanda said:

      Thanks Natalia :). Glad you understand! I really enjoyed your post on the mom funk, and your other one on balancing work and life…I think it all helps us out so much in this crazy adventure of mommyhood!

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