Joy in the everyday: Knowing that being a Mom is a big deal.


Kat Lee posted a really inspiring video on her about page testifying why she’s so passionate about being the best mom she can be. If you want some encouragement, I’d highly recommend checking it out!

My favourite part?

“It’s not about the mom you were today [on a bad day], but it’s about fighting to be the Mom you want to be.”

We all have bad days as Mom’s, and letting a bad day define who you are is discouraging and a good tool I believe the devil uses to discourage us as Mom’s. He wants nothing more for us to give up, and not try to be the best we can be. He wants the outburst we have to define our identity, but it’s lies, lies, lies.

Kat Lee’s video was so encouraging. She was without a mom growing up, and that very hole that she was left with helped her realize how huge a mom is (even when they aren’t around).

It’s encouraging to know that being a Mom is huge, a big deal, and very important.  I’m am not just a Mom, and you are not just a Mom.

It doesn’t matter how unpopular, or insignificant the world will make it out to be. I find it imperative as a Mom to be encouraged, and told that it does matter, that I am doing a good job (even a great job!).

Surrounding myself around friends that encourage, not tear down, that support me in this mommyhood job (which is so tough sometimes), is so vital, and fills me with joy. Reading encouraging blogs that inspire, and encourage me, like Kat Lee’s also fills me with joy.

I recently got together with a good friend for dinner, and she was so encouraging. She told me how much I’ve changed since being a Mom, and how inspiring, and loving I am as a Mother. Talk about encouraging! ” Kind words are like honey to the soul” (Pro 16:24).

Alternatively, I’ve been around people who are discouraging, or more critical-minded. Not fun, or encouraging to be around. It doesn’t exactly leave me feeling joy filled, and radiant. haha.

In any case, I guess my point here is my realization in how important, and foundational it is as a Mother to know these few things:

  •  how important my role is,
  • and then secondly, to have encouraging people in my life  affirm that I’m a good mom, and support me…
  • and thirdly, read, and listen to encouraging resources that empower and cheer me on in mommyhood.

All these things leave me feeling encouraged and joyful as a Mom!

I’d like to pass some encouragement along, so wether you are a Mom, or planning to be one, please know that you are not just a mom, and you matter so much. You’re mistakes aren’t who you are as a Mom. Keep fighting the good fight of being the best you can be, and know that you are the perfect Mom for your children or child! God didn’t make a mistake when he choose your children for you. You rock, and are a big deal.

Much love,


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  1. Kami Kaye said:

    When I feel discouraged about myself as a mama, I think of my Mom and how hugely awesome and important she is to me. And I remind myself that even though we didn’t always have the best relationship, she always had my best interest at heart and today we are BEST friends. That makes me remember how “big” being a mom is and that life will bring us through all sorts of phases as a family, but in the end God will always be faithful to our relationships when we are faithful to Him. Love you, little mama.

    • Amanda said:

      That’s awesome Kami :). Yeah, my Mom always had the best intentions with me and has always been one of my biggest cheerleaders and fans.
      Love yeah,

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