Joy in the everyday: Resting when I need to.

(Note: sorry for misspelling my title twice this week. Haha, in case you didn’t notice I put “everday” instead of “everyday.” I make an effort to edit my posts, but apparently I didn’t do a great job at looking over my titles. Opps! I apologize!)


The news is slowly leaking out. I am in the very early stages of baby number two!

Fatigue has been starting to set in, but it’s not nearly as bad as it was when Asher was still waking up twice at night….for 8 months.

I heard all the tips in my first pregnancy of resting when you feel tired. You know, common sense. But this time I’m actually making it a goal to rest for at least 20 minutes if I’m tired. After mostly putting it into practice it’s been great! Who isn’t happier when they’re well rested?

Resting, and taking a break, has been difficult for me to accept in much of my life. But this time around, I’m not going to play the super hero. I’m not going to feel guilty for getting less done, or for legitimately taking a break.

An older women in my life told me to rest when my baby does. Common advice, yes, but sometimes when just the right person says it, it has the power to “give you permission” to rest.

I think many, many people have told me to rest when the baby does, but for some reason it didn’t matter as much to me as it did when this women said it. I think this time was different, because I had shared my heart to her, and was asking for prayer over my sleep…to be able to go to bed early, and rise early so I could wake before the baby. Somehow her advise seemed like the words of God, instead of a condescending instruction, or a tired phrase.

Anyways, I have found freedom in rest, and joy in having permission to do so.

I don’t want to justify my actions. Because, no, I won’t be that pregnant lady that sits on her butt all day. That’s not what I’m saying at all. In fact, I have been making daily exercise a priority, and want to start right with this pregnancy, so I have been as active as possible.

Going to bed early has been the number one way I’ve been gaining rest. I find if I go to bed past a certain hour, I just can’t fall asleep. I’ve been waking up earlier than ever, but feel very rested because of this. I aim for around 9 hours of sleep!

Have an awesome day,



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  1. lifeasmrsburnett said:

    Yay congrats on bundle of joy #2!! I totally know what you mean! I struggle sometimes with guilt when i choose rest sometimes rather then cleaning or doing the laundry. It wasn’t till my hubby told me that being a mom is a 24/7 job and therefore it is even more important for me to get “me time” and breaks. For some reason hearing that from him, made it ok.

  2. Amanda said:

    Thanks girl! That’s so awesome that your hubby supports you in resting, and taking time for yourself. I know my husband always tried to let me know “it was ok” if I didn’t get a lot done when I was pregnant, and that I should just rest while I can. Yay, for awesome husbands :).

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