Joy in the everyday: WIWW


These pictures were taken on a day when I just wanted to be comfy, so I took some ques from my style board on pinterest, and layered-up with a chunky scarf. It’s just a regular knit scarf that I tied together at the ends and wrapped it around like a circle scarf two or three times to get the look.

beach2 058

Scarf: gift / Sweater: Victoria Secret / Cami: Old Navy / Jeans: TJ Maxx / Socks: Under Armour / Boots: Landsend Canvas / Jacket (not really seen in the photo): Carhartt.

Copy Cat Closet: Animal Print

I think it’s important to invest in your wardrobe; to take the time and some money to make it work for you, and make you feel your best. Saggy jeans have been one of my problems post-pregnancy. My sizes kept changing as I lost the weight slowly but surely…in fact, I lost so much weight that I became smaller post-pregnancy then I was before I got pregnant with Asher!

Chalk it up to breastfeeding a high-demand baby, exercising, and a high metabolism, and the weight just came off. In any case, I didn’t realize that for the past few months I was wearing jeans a size too big, which resulted in saggy pants 5 minutes after wearing them. Frustrating! And I don’t care how much skinny is “in”, when you have saggy jeans you don’t feel attractive.

In any case, I took the liberty, and tried on, and bought a couple nice fitting jeans from target this past weekend. I feel like it’s a little counterintuitive when I just found out I’m pregnant, but both pants should still be in style by the time I circle back to them. Gotta think positive, right? So here is one of the pairs…good old leopard print. The other pair aren’t shown, but they are just your regular white boot-cut jeans.

beach2 081

Sweater: American Eagle / Belt: Target / Purse: TJ Maxx / Wedges: TJ Maxx / Bible: Mine (off to church).

For some reason the print washed out against our white door, so I zoomed in on the right photo so you could be sure it is a leopard print!


Chambray: Landsend Canvas / Skinny Belt: Landsend Canvas / Jeans: Target / Boots: Landsend Canvas

The pants fit so tight they didn’t sag after one day, and they stayed clean, so I went ahead and wore them again. Sorry if that offends some people, but I’m personally in the ballpark of people who think it’s cool to wear some pieces more than once as long as they aren’t soiled or dirty.

Anyways, this look was inspired from here.  I never thought to tuck my chambray in, but with a little inspiration, I tried it out, and I think I like it! I also used a skinny belt to “hold” the pants on. Also, not the typical choice for me. Normally I’d use skinny belts for the waist only. That’s another reason why I love pinterest, it opens your mind to new possibilities for your wardrobe!

All I did this past week was buy some jeans that fit, add a little pop by picking jeans with a leopard print (did I mention they were on clearance for 6.33?!), get some inspiration from pinterest, and I feel much better about my wardrobe.  A little investment in yourself goes a long way to a little joy.



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