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I’m so glad you’re here! My name is Amanda, and I blog about organizing your home and life, intentional planning, style and wardrobe, housekeeping, DIY home projects, food, and faith. I decided to call my blog the homemakers post so I could cover a vast array of topics that all link back to being a modern-day homemaker (and stay at home mom).

The second reason I started this blog was to provide a way for me to store, and share some of the information, inspiration, tips and tricks, and life insight I pick up along the way. Hopefully you might find something of inspiration, encouragment, or usefulness in your life.

If you’d like to check out some of my posts, some of my most popular ones are: 31 Days of No more procrastinating…/ 10 Day challenge: Organize my home from Corner to Corner, Day 1/ Day 13: a few essential “big day” items/ Day 8: Planning for family photo shoot outfits, Fall and Christmas/ and Day 18: My top 5 strategies to working out post-pregnancy.

On a personal note, I’m a hodgepodge of sorts. I tend to be athletic, but Im also pretty girly. I love to run, but somehow I still manage to be a creative-type (I majored in Fine Arts). I’m Canadian, but now live in the states after marrying a Marine helicopter pilot. I’m a dreamer, but I love to plan and tend to be practical. We’re blessed with a wonderful dingo-looking dog and a beautiful baby boy. I see the world as an artist which brings me lots of joy, knowing that everywhere I look is the work of the Master Artist. For Him, I strive to live intentionallly, beautifully, and simply.

If you would like to receive posts from my blog in your email you can sign up by subscribing to me. You can also find me on facebook and pinterest.

And if you’d like, I’d love to hear your input and insights in the comments.

Thanks so much and God bless!


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