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I got a hairtcut again... It only took 5 months to get around to it again. I never knew how hard it would be to make time for myself going into this mom thing. There's the time crunch, the demands of a baby (not in a bad way), plus juggling other areas of life. Often the "beauty" stuff seems to fall to the way side. At least for me. Oh, then there's the guilt. Guilt of doing something for yourself that isn't really practical. Well, I'm here to say I'd like to learn how to find more time for me. To not let go of my hair, nails, and physical health. Any suggestions? I know I think the guilt needs to go. I'm covered in Christ, so I don't need to live in guilt or judgement. I think going bare every once and awhile is a good thing, but a little eyeliner, some blush, and mascara doesnt hide my beauty, it just enhances it. It enhances every women's. Beauty isn't a sin. It's something God created. Taking time for ourself isn't either. It's a juggling act. Now when the needs of our household, and kids aren't being met because of our vainity than somethings ascue...otherwise, it's actually good for us. When not looking after yourself adversly affects your mood, than you're arent being the best Mom you can be. I've thought of even making a "beauty shcedule" to help me make time for myself. Otherwise, I'll just forget about it because I have LOTS to keep me busy. Anyone else feel kind of the same?

make it easy monday
Happy New Years Eve everyone! Welcome to another Make it Easy Monday, where I try to provide, quick, helpful tips and tid bits that might make life easier for you like it has for me!

For todays make it easy monday, I thought I’d share a short list of easy, fool-proof, “second-day” hair styles that you can whip up in ten minutes or less, and still look put together. I love that! And believe me, I’m no hair expert, nor is it my “thing” but I like to look put-together, so if I can do these and have people complimenting me, so can you!

So here’s the list for any other busy moms, or women, who want to look good but with minimal effort and time: (Click on the images for the link to the hair tutorials)

The Top Knot

This tutorial is especially suited for medium hair lengths. I can get mine looking like that, and my hair rests just at my shoulders. The trick is teasing, and in using a “donut” or bun maker kit you can find at your local CVS or drugstore.

Pinned Image

The Ballerina Bun

A smoother cousin to the top-knot. You also use the “donut” for this one. You can see how my version turned out here, to give an idea of what it looks like with medium hair.

Pinned Image

The Messy Bun

The mother of easy styles. I add my own touch by using a few extra bobby pins to form more of a “bun” shape.


The finishing touches

Finally, you can add a head band, or scarf to any of these looks and it will make it look like you spent much more time than you really did. I love this look, and tutorial below:

Pinned Image

Adding bangs are much easier to maintain than you might think, and are also an easy way to make you look stylish and pulled together without a lot of hassle. I simply wash, and blow-dry them everyday, but hold off from washing my hair everyday by sticking it in a bun while I shower. I go the-wash-my-hair-every-other-day-route, and hit it with some suave dry shampoo if it needs it. Time saver!

If I can do it, so can you!

hair 018

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Hope that helps!



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