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I’ve been wanting  to start a series once a week where I share an easy trick that makes life easier in the home; whether it’s related to cooking, grocery shopping, housekeeping, your wardrobe, managing life, I wanted to bring it back to the home. So I came up with Make it easy Monday!

make it easy monday

I know I’m always looking for tricks and tips to make life more pleasant, and effortless. If the series takes off, it’d be great to start a link-up down the road, where other bloggers can also share tips that make their life easier, that way we can all benefit from a web of good ideas. In the spirit of easy, I  wanted to make the posts “easy” by keeping them short and sweet. Think “tip of the day” instead of “chapter on a good idea.” Hopefully this can provide some breaks and ease for the busy, stay-at-home mom and working mom.

My first tip for this series?

How to NOT get onion juice in your eye when chopping onions

I know, it sounds really funny, but I’ve sort of just put up with crying for so long until I came across an easy and clever preventative tactic. Freeze the onion about 5 minutes before you start your cooking, and voila! Just like that, you will be cry-free! It also helps if you have a sharp knife, so try to keep on top of that if you can. Anyways, I picked up that awesome eye-saving tip in a cooking class my husband and I took during our vacation to Charleston.

It took me a few times to actually give it a try, because  apparently I’m that stubborn, but once I did, I haven’t gone back. Life is easier, and more pleasant when you can chop onions without burning your eyes. And isn’t that what we all want?

Happy easy monday,



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